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Welcome to the online shop of Country Garden Supplies; Turf Growers and suppliers of garden Turf & Topsoil along with a wide range of landscape materials. Established since 1979.
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Decorative Gravel for your Garden

Country Garden Supplies Decorative Gravel

We supply a variety of gravels in different colours and sizes. Gravels remain popular for driveways, paths and borders. Gravels are ideal if you are wanting a low maintenance garden, or wanting to add interest or colour into a particular area of the garden, or simply to add a bit of colour to the top of garden pots.Gravel pathways and driveways can also help in home security, gravels being a noisy deterrent for burglars.We can also supply gravel in large bulk tipper loads, please make sure you have access for this size of vehicle prior to ordering.Please note Gravel Samples are available. We are able to provide these at 3.00 per sample. Please contact us if you wish to order samples of gravels.

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